Ukrainian-Chinese Investment Club

About us

There are different countries on the world map. And some of them have a special historical mission. They differ in population, square, and economic potential. However, they are chosen. In this respect, Ukraine and China are similar. The mission of Ukraine is to be a bridge between Asia and Europe. The mission of China is determined by its richest history, unique economy and role in the spiritual life of mankind.

Therefore, there is an excellent opportunity for cooperation, strategic partnership and mutual support. We, the Ukraine-China Investment Club, are ready to become mediators of such a dialogue. And to help all people interested in Ukraine and Europe to succeed.


To promote in every possible way the attraction of Chinese investments to the economy of Ukraine in the name of prosperity for both countries


Areas of work

  • Creation of opportunities for communication between Chinese and Ukrainian businessmen
  • Informational support for decision-making
  • Business-matching
  • Consulting support for establishing relations with decision-makers and opinion leaders in Ukraine
  • Promoting the contacts of Chinese businessmen with other European countries
  • PR and GR-support

Sectoral opportunities

Construction and development

We will help

If you are interested in cooperation with Ukraine, contact us

If you want to test your potential Ukrainian counterparts for decency and ability to fulfill promises, contact us

If you already work with Ukraine, and have questions, contact us


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